• Lightweight Aluminium Travel Wheelchair with Bag

    Lightweight Aluminium Travel Wheelchair with Bag

    This elegant and lightweight Travel Chair features oval aluminium tubing, generous seat canvas and better foldability for a more accommodating and easier to store product.

  • aluminium-travel-chair-plus.jpg

    Aluminium Travel Wheelchair Plus - Purple

    Arthritic friendly cable brakes Half folding backrest Full length armrests with upholstered arm pads Tyres are durable and low maintenance

  • Lightweight Aluminium Enigma Wheelchair

    Lightweight Aluminium Enigma Wheelchair

    At just over 8kg with wheels removed, the entry level lightweight aluminium wheelchairs are both light in weight and on your pocket.

  • Spirit Wheelchair Enigma - Blue

    Spirit Wheelchair Enigma

    The stylish Spirit wheelchair uses the latest in wheelchair design to produce an elegant yet highly practical wheelchair. The sculptured frame is constructed from lightweight aluminium for durability and responsiveness.

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