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Battery Care for Mobility Scooters

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Blog, Knowledge Centre

Battery Care for mobility scooters is very important! Here at Day’s Mobility, we know all about mobility scooters and why battery care for mobility scooters is really important. Whether it’s a lightweight transportable scooter to take with you in the boot of the car or a larger scooter for going longer distances, care of the battery right from the start will ensure you get the best out of your new mobility scooter.

When you purchase your new mobility scooter, there is a process to go through to ensure that your battery is ‘conditioned’ for regular use.  This will ensure that it lasts as long as possible and that you don’t have any mishaps with your scooter running out of ‘juice’ when you’re out and about!


Battery Care for Mobility Scooters #1


New scooter batteries really must be charged initially for at least 18 hours before they’re fit for purpose.  We would highly recommend that they’re charged by hours, rather than relying on the battery light turning green.  A full 18 hours worth of charge is key at this initial stage of battery care for mobility scooters.


Battery Care for Mobility Scooters #2


Obviously we want the mobility scooter to perform at it’s optimum for a long time, so it’s really important that we ‘condition’ it to do just that over a period of time.  How we ‘condition’ the battery is to take your mobility scooter out on a short run initially, and when you return, charge the battery for 8 hours.  Whether the green light shows on the battery or not, it’s an important step to charge it for 8 hours regardless.

This process should be repeated between 4 – 6 times to ensure complete conditioning has taken place and that your battery is now fit for purpose.  Failure to do this may catch up with you a bit further down the line, when perhaps the battery malfunctions when you’re out and about.  And that could be a calamity!


Battery care for mobility scooters #3


It’s important that once your scooter battery has been conditioned, it’s always put on an 8 hour charge cycle after each use.  We would recommend that you don’t rely on the battery green light because it won’t tell you how much life is in it – it will only tell you whether it’s charged, but not by how much!  Better to be safe than sorry and get into the habit of charging your mobility scooter battery for 8 hours after every use.


Battery care for mobility scooters #4


As with all electrical appliances, it’s important to store your mobility scooter battery in conditions that won’t harm it’s functionality.  Therefore, don’t store it in extreme cold or hot conditions.  Don’t keep it in a garden shed, for instance, when the weather is cold and damp.  Equally, it’s not a good idea to store it in a hot conservatory in the summer time.




Here at Days Mobility, we have a lot of knowledge of mobility scooters and we know how much we come to rely on them to enhance our quality of life.  Whether you have a transportable scooter, a folding scooter or a powerchair, we completely understand how important and integral they are to our well-being.  Alongside the actual mobility lifeline it gives us, we need to ensure that we take care of the battery so that it can function as we want it to!

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