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Back Washer

Long Handled Back Washer

The Long Handled Back Washer has been specifically designed to make it easier to reach and wash the back.

The long curved design provides a carefully balanced back washer that can reach all of the back and can be used with minimal effort for maximum power and effectiveness. This ensures full coverage of the back area without the need to over-stretch or strain. The oval shaped handle of the Long Handled Back Washer features a two hand grip with non-slip material ensuring the best grip even when wet. The wash cloths on the end of the back washer do not absorb water so remain light at all times and are machine washable for the utmost hygiene. Spares can also be found in this section of the shop.

Product Specification
  • One Long Handled Back Washer
  • Ergonomically designed for the back
  • Oval shaped two hand grip
  • Replaceable and washable wash cloths
  • Length: 770mm (30.5”)
  • Weight: 203g