P321 by Rascal Mobility

This a great example of a transportable powerchair, its compact design makes it perfect for use around the home and shopping centres.

The Rascal P321 by Rascal Mobility is designed to be compact and lightweight, offering a simple solution to transporting your powerchair.

The P321 Electric powerchair comes apart into 3 sections, the heaviest of which is only 39 lbs / 18 kg. It is the ideal chair for indoor use, but will perform outdoors on reasonably smooth surfaces. Driven by its powerful motor, the P321 Electric powerchair can carry a user of up to 18 stone over a range approaching 8 miles.

It has a turning circle of just over 3 feet / 1.06 m, and offers a comfortable padded seat that allows adjustment to the armrests, seat height and the positioning of the controller. Wireless connections give you simplicity when dismantling, and the puncture proof tyres give you peace of mind if away from home.

• Max User Weight (Kg): 113.0
• Seat Width (cm): 46.0
• Seat Depth (cm): 46.0
• Seat Height (cm): 51.0
• Tyre Type: Solid
• Turning Radius (cm): 53.0
• Battery Size (AH): 15
• Max Range (km): 13.0
• Max Speed (km/h): 6.4
• Heaviest Part (Kg): 18.0
• Height (cm): 83
• Length (cm): 88
• Width (cm): 58
• Product Weight (kg): 45