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Plate Guard

This easy to remove Plastic Plate Guard fits tightly around the rim of any circular plate between 200mm and 300mm in diameter.

The plate guard is curved to prevent food from falling off the plate and can be used as a barrier to push food against when scooping food onto a spoon or fork, ideal for people that use only one hand when eating. The Plastic Plate Guard clips securely onto the edge of the plate and is removed just as easily making it an incredibly easy to use eating aid. The red colour of this plate guard indicates that it is suitable for use by those that suffer from dementia.

  • Ideal for one handed eating
  • Prevents food from falling off the plate
  • Easy to fit on and take off
  • Suitable for use by dementia sufferers
  • Height: 34mm (1.25″)
  • Fits plates with diameter: 200mm – 300mm (8″ – 12″)
  • Weight: 35 gms